Sunday, April 13, 2014

April 13th 2014 Hartz Mountain.

Rod Stolorz and Paul decided to do the walk to Hartz Mountain in Southern Tasmania. Accessed from Geeveston and near the Tahune Airwalk.

Much of the walk to the summit is relatively easy. The last few hundred metres are an uphill scamble over rocks and climbing through 'passes' cut into the face of the ascent.

At the top there is a big cairn that resembles a broken down castle. Plenty of visitors have added to it over the years and we did our bit to help too.

Typically, the weather was great at the start of our walk from the car-park and as we got to the top it closed in and we didn't get the great views into South West Tasmania we were hoping for. Regardless, we enjoyed what we did see and visited the tarns and small lake on the return trip. Rod even had a quick swim in Lake Esperance. Emphasis on the quick!!

3hrs and 20 mins return for us. Maybe longer with smaller striding people in tow but a good day out......very recommended!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

White Beach,February 2012

February saw us head to White Beach to stay at our friend's property. Rod and family came to stay for a couple of nights, Mandy stayed until the following weekend. 

Plenty of room for the vans at Rosco's place.

 Nicole celebrated her 13th birthday on camp. A brand new Canon camera was a fave present.
The view from the road outside the shack.

Alex and I went to Roaring Beach for a drive after Mandy had gone home.Weather was sensational and the beach we basically had to ourselves with the exception of a couple of surfers.

Sandstone cliffs on the Northern end of the beach.

Rock foreshore and Wedge Island in the distance.

View back to the beach across the bay.

I think this creek is hard done by. Didn't smell at all!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Wayatinah January 2012

The Cooneys,Stolorz,Spencers and Clutterbucks had 5 nights in Wayatinah together. 3 Vans and a couple of tents on one large site. The weather was pretty good and kayaking on the lake and swimming in the pool were the order of each day except the last.
On the third day Rod and Paul were keen for a road trip. Everyone else weren't keen so we headed off to Strahan. The day out was sensational. Bright sunny day ,blue sky and stunning scenery.We did a short bushwalk to Donaghy's lookout where we could see the famous Franklin River before it becomes a large one and in the distance was Frenchman's Cap.

A stop above Queenstown before the drive down the bends and onto the road to Strahan. People who tow their caravans through this part of Tasmania will certainly give praise to the bloke who invented power steering and caravan brakes!

We saw the carriages for the ABT Railway outside the Strahan Railway station. They had put the engine away for the night. We spoke to a couple of passengers who were walking back to Strahan after the train ride and they said it had been a good day out.Will put it on the bucket list to do.

The Stolorz' and Cooneys went to Maydena the following day. On the way we passed a freecamp area on the Meadowbank Dam. Serviced with a toilet but that's all. Everything else you need to take with you. Interestingly there was a sign at the entrance warning that if the levels of vandalism continue the area would be locked up.Shame really, nice spot.

In Maydena we did the Railtrack Riders. They are pedal powered railcars which seat two. You propel yourself along the dis-used railtrack with a guide following behind in a converted ride on lawnmower to give you a push if needed. There are two slight inclines and the cars aren't light!
At the end of the track there is a shed with lots of old photos of the area from the logging days and a short walk through the forest while the cars are turned around for the pedal back.

The Franklin River bottom of shot.

Me! above Queenstown.

The hills above Queenstown with road snaking its way up.

Strahan from far side of harbour

ABT Railway carriages.

Heading back up the bends of Queenstown

HDR shot of Frenchman's Cap. The only way to show the ruggedness of the rocks.

More scenery of the West Coast

Ern, the other camp dog.

What a bunch of posers!

Wayatinah Lagoon

Stuart and the steel banded wooden pipeline

Wayatinah Lagoon. The water level is usually up to the very left hand edge of the flat green muddy part

Billy at the rear of Wayatinah powerstation

Railtrack riders...great fun.

Freecamp area at Meadowbank Dam

Returning to Wayatinah later in the day we had to stop to allow a few hundred sheep past which were being herded along the Lyell Highway. Not something you see everyday.Video below.